Our long, successful track record speaks for itself. Many of our feature films are available from Netflix, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster and other retail and online stores. read more

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With nearly 40 educational and training programs to our credit over a period of 20 years, this is an area where JGT Productions has the proven, award-winning experience others do not.

With your goals and guidelines always in mind, we can start from the basic concept and continue through scripting, production and post-production. Consistently using the very latest technology available, our educational and training programs are always thoroughly tested and revised as necessary before final delivery. read more

As a long-established art form, documentary films and video not only introduce us to interesting people and the lives they lead, but often show us a part of our world we never knew about.

True, documentaries can be used to influence opinion, but they quickly lose their impact when they go too far and verge on propaganda. Having made numerous documentaries on a wide variety of subjects we know that every effective, powerful documentary must walk a very thin line to maintain an honest approach to the subject matter. read more